Monday, July 22, 2013


Hey there, I am Doug. I find myself here making a blog mostly to pass my CIT Cert II course requirements, but also as something of a personal experiment, I would like to see how it goes just blogging about the stuff I do with my time. To start it off you should know, I am a gaming, I love video games, and really enjoy tabletop RPG's although my experience with them is rather lacking, I am starting up a campaign sometime in the next year, and have just begun the rather early stages of planning. I would like to share the journey with some people as I go, and would love to see some suggestions as to what works, and what doesn't. Unfortunately with a rather limited time left to complete this assignment for CIT my first few posts are probably going to seem to include some random slightly out of place elements because whilst over years I am sure I would fufill the the requirements of the course, I am not sure that it will happen naturally over the time I have,  and I am sure my marker person has no desire to read through pages and pages of posts.

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