Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Realm Works

Having decided on a system, I then had to try to work out how on earth I am going to organize the vast amount of information required to run a successful Pathfinder Campagin. I started jsut using a series of google documents to write down ideas etc but it soon became apparent that this would leads to a lot of hassle trying to find a particular piece of information in hurry, but then I came across RealmWorks which looks like a fantastically useful tool for organizing information. Rather then explain it all I have found a rather handy video link:
That hopefully covers most of what it does. Anyone out there happen to be a Kickstarter supporter with access already, I would be really keen to see what you have to say about it
So having just returned from the coast it is time I guess to settle back into the deary and relaxing Canberra life. I can't say I am entirely displeased though, after a week camping in a cramped tent with no access to hot water and something of a hike to get even cold water it is going to be rather nice to get back to civilization.

Whilst I have been gone I have decided on the rule set I shall be using for my tabletop campaign, Pathfinder. I think it provides enough flexibility and the ruleset being available freely online makesit a damn site easier for my friends, and saves me buying some books.
Well I have decided to create a blog, with no real aim in mind but perhaps it shall help me some what with my writing skills, and give me something to do to pass the time. in this first "Proper" post I would like to share with you a map I have created with GIMP(An image manipulation tool) for an upcoming tabletop RPG Campagain.
Yeah, looks alright.
Here is a link to a pdf to help you getting started doing it yourself. If you are interested